30 October 2012

Getting Ready For Grapes!

That's right, I'm about to get ready for growing grapes, Muscat to be exact. It's one of the few I can grow in this zone due to the heat in the summertime. The plan went from letting the grapes grow up along a gutter and then trim to size so the roof won't grow grapes and then the idea didn't sound so great when we actually looked at the spot. We needed to put an arbor up that could support 2 Muscat plants, one on each side, that would grow to the center top and be wide and deep enough to allow proper support if bumped. A stand alone arbor was out of the question because with top weight it would be unstable and I really don't want to keep picking the foolish thing off the ground every other day. The arbor was still the best bet but needed something extra so I decided to sink 4 galvanized steel poles into the ground at each corner of the arbor and set them in cement(not so much so that I can't remove them later if I want) and secure them to the arbor using stainless steel u bolts with a sheet metal band over the wood posts so the u bolts wouldn't dig into the wood of the arbor. I can use the cement that you pour in dry after setting the post and plumbing it straight and then add water. The top area will setup withing an hour and the lower area of cement will get water for the mix from the surrounding ground over time. A bench under the arbor for sitting and then take a picture.

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