28 December 2012

Unusual Weather Assails Northeast and Coastal Areas

The past few years have brought a veritable plethora of unusual weather patterns throughout the United States. The real estate market, just making the turn upward, has been trying to hold it's own and continue to rise and bargains can be had, except coastal New Jersey. Heading southwards you'll still find it hard to acquire property at the Outer Banks but you can find Highlands NC homes for sale at reasonable prices. The same goes for South Carolina. Going in towards the mountains you'll find snow and ice during the winter months but not nearly as bad as you'll find it in Duluth, Minnesota or Green !Bay, Wisconsin. In the Carolina's it will get chilly but it's just a taste, not a chug! Many warm weather states are finding themselves not so warm anymore(who said there was no such thing as global warming?) so what you can expect to find are various degrees (no pun intended) of warmth and cold all in the same spot. All heat would get pretty boring now, wouldn't it?

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