23 January 2013

Kitchen Plans On Hold Again.

I had the contractors phone number that we got from a friend of my mother-in-law who just had some floor work done that she couldn't speak highly enough of. We WERE planning to start with a Bamboo floor and move up to the cabinets and down to the counters, granite being a top lister! I say we WERE because we had the cash in the bank, earmarked for the flooring and cabinets, or one of the two depending on the price and how many rooms we had floored. We WERE until my transmission bit the dust last week. Between the cost of the used transmission, main oil seal, axle seal, and some reinforcing welds under the car, the kitchen budget is all but eaten up. What we can do is a little organizing in the cabinets in the mean time. We've looked at rubbermaid, some as-seen-on-TV items, store brand extras, rev-a-shelf, or even just replacing the hardware so that's out of the way. On the bright side, if there is one, we still have tax return money coming back to us. Hopefully, her car doesn't need work as well by then.

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