14 February 2013

Foreclosures Affect More Than People

The widespread foreclosure crisis has hit many families hard, often causing people to pull up stakes after many years to start new elsewhere from scratch. Children must find new friends and schools, parents to find new employment if forced to leave the state where they once owned property. A calamity all around for everyone involved to say the least!

There is one part of the equation that has gone relatively uncommented on - pets! I say this because there have been a few foreclosures pretty close to my house and we're starting to see the effects of the pack-up/pull-out former owners, their forgotten pets. What's worse, in my eyes, is that to probably a great extent they were not forgotten at all but rather abandoned to fend for themselves.

Many of these, predominantly cats, pets were house bound and have no idea, except for nature telling them what to do, how to survive. We suddenly have 4 cats that come around the house looking for food. Two of these are definitely feral, one is a maybe but friendly, and the fourth is a definite former house-cat that wants to be touched and fed, not to mention that it wants to come in the house(my two cats won't hear any of that) and you can see by looking at it that it's been well fed up until recently. We felt so bad for it that since we couldn't let it in the house we could get a cat bed for her so she could sleep under the BBQ(it's a large mobile one) away from the weather and stay warm on chilly winter nights. Call us suckers but we can't turn our backs on an animal in need, it's not their fault. She makes good company when you're out in the yard as she likes to talk to you a lot and watch what you're doing. She then does her area rounds and comes back for a meal and a nap.

Maybe, if the cats someday allow it, she can come inside and join the family.

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