17 February 2013

I'm Sorry, What Is It You Want?

Does anybody know what a clothespin is anymore? I'm starting to think not, especially in the Big Box retailer with the asterix on the name, especially from the worker who worked in the department where they should be, and especially after telling me they don't sell anything like that. The clothespins I was looking for were a mere 5 feet away from her at the time she said they didn't sell them. I must be the fool here because as she was telling me this I happened to see them somewhat beside her and she didn't even acknowledge it even after I showed her that she did have them. She still didn't know what they were let alone what they were called, all she knew was that they didn't sell them!

All this effort just to get some clothespins to hold the plant blankets together for the hard freeze tonight, geez!

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