08 June 2013

Good Luck and Best Wishes On Your New Son

I don't usually leave congratulatory messages on one of my sites but I thought I'd make an exception this time. My good friends Steve and Jill have just added a son to their small, but growing, family. They chose the name Evan for him, which is a very unique name nowadays, and I think it'll suit him well. It's a strong name like John or Bill. We don't know who the godparents will be but I'm hoping for a shot at it myself. A few hours after he was born it was cigars for everybody, even though it's not really in vogue anymore, but it's traditional and the anti-smoking people will just have to turn away, a good cigar is nice to be around. Evan does have one thing to deal with, for now, and that's he's a ginger, or redhead. It's a tough hair color for some guys so we'll have to get him in shape at the earliest possible time for anything, or one, that may decide to poke so fun at him! Congratulations again, to Steve and Jill, and now Evan!

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