18 July 2013

Age Has a Price!

I say age has a price and there are many ways to look at that. As we get older we need more things to get by with each and every day, rather than when we were young and just wanted things! Those were the days, if only we knew then but I doubt it would have had an impact since when you're young you're also immortal! My mother-in-law had some hard decisions to make recently with her mother. She's had a long and, I won't say hard life but, filled life. She recently turned 92 and she's getting to the point where she can't negotiate the stairs that well anymore due to inner ear issues. You think she'll accept that? Of course not. She will climb those stairs because she's climbed them for over 80 years without an incident and will continue to do so. She can't and she finally started to realize that she was having a problem. On top of the inner ear issue she also has mild Dementia. This is why she can't be trusted negotiating the stairs on her own and nobody is able to help her easily due to the limited width stairway she has in her home.

There were a few options available to the family but she cut the number down to one by refusing to sleep on the first floor. The only other option was a chair system, or stair lift, that attaches to the wall and moves up the stairs. A health worker or family member can follow her up and greatly limit the possibility of a stair fall for two! Not something we all wanted, or needed, to deal with or even consider. For the money and everyone's sake it was the best option for everybody! We'll see how she takes to it over time and maybe she'll be able to do it with minimal supervision sometime, but with her Dementia she'll still require an escort, but not a helping hand on the small stairway!

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