28 January 2014

Learning to Play the Piano Isn't the Same Anymore, the Piano That Is!

Aside from teaching, I'm sorry...instructing, band musicians at the local school part time my wife also teaches piano(I wish I had these skills) and she's been busy but not with the piano. The instrument of choice for these up and comers is the keyboard. The most popular among these student provided instruments is an electronic PC keyboard because, from what I'm told, they're economical, well built, and have many features for a fuller effect. In other words, you can tweak the heck out of them to get just what you want for sound out of it. I remember the plastic organs with the fan inside to power the bellows that usually lasted until the end of the day at Christmas then died. My aunt had a big church type organ that she used to keep us up at night with that she never learned to play. Wish that one had a headphone jack! Things have changed quite a bit since my childhood but at least there are affordable options that still sound great.

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